NET REVENUE RETENTION  impacts every metric in the valuation of your Subscription/Membership business.

Our goal is to partner with you and really add substantial value to your business through our support teams and retention efforts including:

Higher Growth Rate

ARR - Higher Revenue

Improvement of Gross Margin (more revenue from current customers)

Increase LTV, which in turn, lowers your CAC

Our Tag Line Says It All


Retention Express values partnership in tackling customer experience together. We know to create great engagement experiences you can’t just rely on people or technology but rather a solid foundation of both. To be an extension of your brand, we first strive to understand your brand and your customers. The benefits of having customer engagement touch points covered will help your business excel.

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Tangible ROI Results

How do we generate ROI for you?

  1. Excellent customer service - Increases brand equity, market reputation, and net operating income. By reducing churn and extending the lifecycle of a customer, it could add $100K or more annually back to your business
  2. Business Intelligence – Our team will capture every interaction with your customers and voice record all phone calls for quality assurance and verification of any retention saves. We believe in providing you simple, reporting transparency to help you and your business be more successful.

Improve Your Customer Support

Today’s customers have high expectations of service and rightfully so. We provide responsive agents focused on creating positive outcomes for your customers. Outsourced customer service solves your need for support coverage and ensures that your consumers’ needs never go unaddressed.

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