No. We work with all types of businesses and our goal is the same for both - deliver an excellent customer experience that will help improve retention of customers. 

Absolutely not. We want to be an extension of your business and respond to customers quickly and accurately. Although each business we work with has different processes, our goal is to not create friction with the customer but alleviate any fears or concerns. By documenting every interaction along the way, we are able to provide actionable insights for owners and operators.

Your customer churn rate is simply the inverse of your customer retention rate. For instance, if your retention rate is 90 percent, then your churn rate is 10 percent. The simplest way to determine your churn rate is to take the number of churned customers during a given time frame, divide it by the total number of customers at the beginning of that same time period, and then multiply the result by 100.

Yes, and you'll have specific metrics provided to you. Results will vary depending on the quality of your current processes and how involved you are in controlling the factors that influence passive churn. Retention is a process and some benefits are immediately recognized while others are recognized over time.

Retention KPI's are measured through cancellation requests that are inbound through any communication channel and where we were able to help the client as well as save the customer from cancelling. All saves are documented including through recorded phone calls and historical record of the interaction.

Yes, we can operate on as low as 30 day terms and happy to help those that need additional coverage or support while in transition, seasonal needs or offset lack of personnel due to unforeseen circumstances. We will seek to understand how we can best help and present a solution around that. 

Facebook Messenger and Twitter are the most common that businesses use and we cover both of them. We also can provide the service for WhatsApp and offer an upgrade service to cover Instagram messaging.

Yes, our team can cover all time zones in the U.S. although we are on EST based out of Atlanta, GA.  We also have solutions to help during off hours of your business or non-covered hours. Contact us for more details.

Yes, we have a Partner Program in place and are always looking for professional partners to team up with. We believe in the power of positive referrals to create a Win-Win-Win scenario to provide our customers with positive solutions for their business. Please click this link to submit a request to join our referral network Partner Program

No, we are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and our team members are U.S. based only.

Great question, agents are active in handling all inbound inquiries during core work days of Monday through Friday, from 9am-6pm across all time zones unless otherwise agreed upon. Evening and weekend times are available and may incur additional monthly fees.

The answer is NO. Our value is working with you to provide the best all around support. Sometimes your business is better suited for your people to handle by phone.  Our custom program will fill in the gaps where we can best support you and your customers. 

The answer is no although we do require a minimum term to start for up to 120 days. After that, the agreement will automatically renew monthly and service can be cancelled with advance notice in writing at least 21 days.

The exclusion to this could be if both parties come to an agreement on an annual contract then that would be binding during the term ends. Notice to cancel is the same with an advance notice in writing of 21 days to do so to avoid automatic renewal.