Custom CX Support Solutions


Long term? Short term? While we typically are hired to be the first line of support, we will work with you to optimize the best solution as you encounter the ever-changing demands within your business. Every great PLAN A has a PLAN B to ensure problems are solved and gaps filled. We provide an alternate solution where we can backfill your team within 24 HRS providing little or no downtime to your customers.


Are you in a high-growth state and afraid of underserving your customers with a sudden influx? Seasonal advertising blitz to drive customer acquisition? We help private equity groups, multi-unit operators and businesses that need extra hands during these phases. Our team expands organically as needed.

Custom Solutions.

Only need coverage on partial communication channels? We can just start with email and expand as needed into covering additional channels like chat or social media channels. We will fill in any gaps that best fit your needs.

Consulting Services Available.

We are happy to help in this capacity too. Owner/operators attempt to do a good job to make the customer experience a priority but sometimes it's just beneficial for another set of eyes to come in to evaluate and make recommendations for process improvement.  Leveling up to todays modern customer is a differentiator in todays competitive landscape. Click the button below and choose a time to discuss with Bobby that is convenient to your schedule.


Retention Express's trained team responds quickly to every customer issue, question or complaint. We act exactly as you train us to act, helping with refunds, membership renewals or cancellations, communication with site leaders, onboarding, and initiating damage claims for your team to investigate.

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If you would like to have a discussion on how Retention Express's Custom CX Support Solution can help your business, click on our Free Business Assessment to get started.

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