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Retaining customers is crucial to your long-term success.
Reclaim lost REVENUE quickly and
create more PROMOTERS of your business.

Churn Rate

Build long term REVENUE LOYALTY. Don’t let membership churn keep burning up your profits. Wow them with superior customer service at every touch point.

Revenue Leakage
Stop Revenue Leakage

Failed Payment Recovery prevention and handling.

For Car Wash operators, your CHURN RATE could be costing you $288,000 annually for every 10,000 members!  OUCH

Can Retention Express generate a ROI? You bet.

"A 5% increase in customer retention can increase revenue by 25-95%".

"One-time customers aren’t going to fuel the continued growth of your business. Retaining customers is crucial to your long-term business success"

Top 5 Reasons for Membership Customer Churn

And a few tips to combat them

  • Reason #1 - Customers are not engaging enough with your membership plan

    Tip: Create a marketing cadence that nudges the member through various channels including texting and emailing. Provide tips and other helpful reminders to keep your name front and center.

  • Reason # 2 - Mismatched product - market fit.

    Tip: Uncover insights and research to ensure your membership is the right fit - pricing tiers, product offering, location, signage, etc.

  • Reason # 3 - You DON'T have an excellent Customer Experience

    Tip: Analyze your On-Site customer experience and your Off-site customer experience. Often times, operators lack the resources to meet the modern day consumer demands to communicate on their terms and which channel they want to reach out to. HENCE, Retention Express to solve off-sitCX.

  • Reason # 4 - You're losing customers to your COMPETITORS

    Tip: Location can be similar. Equipment can be similar. Pricing can be similar. But SERVICE is everything.  People make the difference and having a responsive, friendly and helpful customer experience culture for On-Site and OFF-Site will differentiate your business.

  • Reason # 5 - Passive Churn in Failed Payments

    Tip: Quit losing customers to passive failed credit card payments. In-voluntary churn is often times un-intentional by your member. Create a proactive payment campaign to politely inform customers of the issues with personalization and allow for various channels to simplify the effort needed from the customer to update their info. Best in class recovery rates are 70+% and takes dedicated effort to achieve.

We help improve your Net Revenue Retention
And WOW Your Customers With Superior Support

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No matter what size your company is - if you're a small business, multi-unit brand operator, or in high growth mode, outsourcing your customer service with our digital support team can ease your company’s workload with custom solutions and move your business to the next level. Do you have your plan A covered?  Great, but what is your Plan B? We can help you not miss a beat when unexpected circumstances arise as well.

We understand how important the relationship is between a brand and their customers. We will delight them at every every touchpoint they like to communicate from in a no pressure environment. Besides, providing superior customer service is what will drive higher NET REVENUE RETENTION and increase your overall brand value.

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Full CX Support

Omni-Channel Support Across All Channels

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Custom CX Options

Flexibility. Scalability. Agile.

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Failed Payment Recovery Service

Proactive Revenue Leakage Management.



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    Solves your need for complete and dedicated support coverage and ensures that your consumers’ needs never go unheard across any channel – voice, email, chat, SMS/text, and social media messaging. Reduces your employee payroll and allows you to optimize your resources.

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    Tangible RETURN ON INVESTMENT Results

    We generate ROI through superior customer service, reducing churn, and gathering business intelligence by capturing every interaction with your customers.

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    Get help while scaling up, surging acquisition growth, seasonality spikes, or when you're short-staffed so you can focus on other areas of your business. Customizable solutions to your current and evolving needs.

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    Retention specialists are trained and eager to turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one in a low pressure, friendly mindset.

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    We partner with you and your brand and provide detailed analytics and insights through your customer's eyes.  Our goal is to provide you with actionable data so you can keep improving the experience.

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    We have extensive sales, retention, customer experience and operational experience in helping start ups to thriving multi-unit operators.


Don't Let Your Profits Turn To Ashes.

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